Kentucky Film Lab Presents Jon Landau

Seven years ago I helped set up a not-for-profit called the Kentucky Film Lab to advance the cause of film education in the Commonwealth, and to build and support a community of filmmakers in the state. Each year we put together a seminar designed to help Kentuckians connect with successful filmmakers, and also to provide basic training to those inspired to learn more about this complicated craft.

This year, in conjunction with the IdeaFestival, we’re thrilled to present: Jon Landau (Producer of Avatar and Titanic) in a workshop for emerging producers, plus ½-day, hands-on workshops in Production and Screenwriting.

Michael Dougan will lead our screenwriting workshop, and there is a Red Camera production and lighting workshop with Steve Staley/Kentucky Grip and Lighting.

It’s Saturday, October 2nd at the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts in Louisville, and it’s only $50 for a full day of training.


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