Teaching in Italy

Through the Spalding University Brief-Residency MFA in Writing Program, I was afforded the incredible opportunity to teach in Rome and Tuscany through the first part of July.  Writing students from across every genre and specialty participated in a discussion I co-lead on Fellini’s films, later supplemented with a fantastic lecture by Dr. Federico Pacchioni, a Fellini expert teaching at U-Conn.

Six students from across the U.S. and around the world workshopped their screenplays with me, and I gave formal lectures on basic dramatic writing techniques, the process of deciding how to choose one’s next project, and participated in a publishing and “first big break” panel discussion.

All of this inspiring creative and scholarly work was set amidst the stunning, historic power of downtown Rome, and then the pastoral, relaxing Tuscan countryside. We took day trips to Sienna and Florence (David!), as well as visiting ancient Roman ruins and the Vatican.  It was a great pleasure to travel with my beloved and talented Spalding colleagues, and a truly gifted group of students – nightly readings given under moonlight after an organic meal and a glass of local wine. Bellissimo!


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