OzWebbies at Oswego

I’m really proud of a new class I’ve been teaching at SUNY Oswego. Technically, it’s called CSS 395 Special Topics: Webisodes, but we refer to it as OzWebbies. I selected 12 students, and we got to work developing, pitching, selecting, writing and producing three original web series.  I believe in the webisode format, not that anyone need make that proclamation anymore, because, it has by anyone’s estimation proven itself viable. For young writers and filmmakers the web series accurately simulates the television writing and production process, but also provides immediate distribution to a worldwide audience — should they make something that’s actually good, and then find a way to make people watch it. So, beyond producing five, six-minute episodes (roughly the length of a sitcom pilot), they are also responsible for using social media and any means at their disposal to build an audience.

I’ve never seen students more invested in a class, working so hard on a “school project.” They believe in what they are doing, and they are doing it well. The three shows, App Holes, Bad Date, and Hansford drew near 2,500 views for their premier episodes last week, and our second week is well on the way to crushing that number.

ImageApp Holes is an office comedy set in a smart phone app development company whose leader is far, far from smart. It’s about crap culture and the people who make it. Find App Holes on twitter, on Facebook, and on YouTube.

ImageBad Date centers on two narcissistic and lonely roommates, who, after failing at love for years (because they are too good for everyone else), set about hooking each other up week after week on, you guessed it — really bad dates. Bad Date on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube.

ImageHansford is part Northern Exposure and part fairy tale. It’s the purposefully odd and surreal story of a drifter who accidentally becomes the official Town Hero of a strange little burg, and finds it harder and harder to escape as the season progresses. Hansford on twitter, Facebook, Youtube.

ImageThe OzWebbies website, features blogs, photos, and weekly behind the scenes documentaries. Ozwebbies also tweets and has its own facebook page. Clearly that’s a ton of links to process, so I suggest the OZwebbies website as the best way to stay up to date on everything in one place.

We could really use your support, your viewership, your retweets, likes, shares and forwards.  We have two episodes to go, and then we put on our live Ozzie Award show where we will play the final episodes of each series before an audience both in person and online, then doll out our awards. Voting online to come. Stay tuned!


2 responses to “OzWebbies at Oswego

  1. LOVE the webseries. So far I’ve watched the pilots of Bad Date and App Holes. Fun. Just tweeted.


    • Thanks, Laura, for watching and following. Your series is stellar and we can’t wait to speak with you as a class! Your support is greatly appreciated. The kids are working very hard and improving every week.

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