Crooked Arrows World Premiere

I’ve never walked the red carpet for one of my own movies. Band Camp had a cast and crew screening at the Academy which was awesome, and I walked the carpet for Meet the Fockers, 13 Ghosts, and a few others, but it was definitely special to share the premiere of Crooked Arrows with my family and friends. I’m not too immodest to say it felt great to stop for photos, do a few interviews, hug the director and producers on the carpet, and celebrate the million-to-one miracle of getting a movie to the screen.

And there is no joy like that of hearing an audience laugh at jokes, cheer for big moments, and go silent when things get serious. I’m proud of this little movie for what it does well cinematically, but more importantly, for the culture and sport it represents.

I’m grateful to Todd Baird for bringing the script into the world, to producers J.Todd Harris, Mitchell Peck, Adam Leiff, and Marc Marcum for hiring me and keeping me on for three years, to my mentor and friend, the director, Steve Rash and his wife Maggie who championed me to rows of patrons in the theater, to our gracious and inclusive editor Danny Saphire, and to composer Brian Rolston. Neal Powless and Ernie Stevens kept it real for me, bringing the truth about Haudenosaunee culture and traditions to the movie, and the entire team at Sports Studio made the lacrosse action as good as any sports imagery you’ll ever see on film.  It was great to hear the LAX Bros cheer amazing shots and big hits, then groan when the characters made mistakes on the field.

Many more thanks go to my wife, Mom and daughter who attended with me, my dad who brought me up in the sports world and tells the great stories of locker room lore, to local friends who attended — Shores, Babcocks, Boyers, Kesselrings, Newells, Folks —  and all of my friends and family near and far who supported the movie and me throughout the writing and production process.

My short set visit only allowed me to meet a few of the actors, but it was great to see the kind, gracious, Brandon Routh again, as well as the beautiful, smart, and ridiculously talented Chelsea Ricketts. I finally got to meet Gil Birmingham and Dennis Ambriz (Crooked Arrow), and was grateful for the opportunity. They have such presence and experience, I’ll have to admit to being a bit intimidated.

The movie releases May 18 in selected cities, then goes wider June 1. Check the website for details of where to go when, and please support this fun, powerful little indie film about a sport and culture in need of recognition and celebration.


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