Los Angeles Crooked Arrows Theaters

Los Angeles friends, Crooked Arrows opens this Friday in a theater near you. Hope you can go this weekend and help extend our theatrical run! Thanks in advance for your support. Please send a pic and let me know what you think.

Rave 18, LA
Pacific Arclight Beach Cities 16, El Segundo
Rolling Hills 20, Torrance
Long Beach Stadium 26
Burbank Towncenter 6
Winnetka All Stadium 20, Chatsworth
Muvico Thousand Oaks 14
Civic Center 16, Simi Valley
Playhouse 7 Cinemas, Pasadena
Block 30 @ Orange, Orange
Century Stadium 25 Theater, Orange


4 responses to “Los Angeles Crooked Arrows Theaters

  1. Hey Brad…they have added even more LA area theaters to that list now too. Universal City Walk AMC 19, and AMC Criterion 6 at Santa Monica Promenade.

    • Thanks, Brian! Would love to get a cd from you. Shoot me an email. Thanks for your amazing score!

      • Brian Ralston

        Awe…thanks Brad. It was easy with such an inspirational story to write to. 😉 Send me an email with where I should send one out to you. bralston [at] brianralston [dot] com

  2. Zachery Ortega

    Matt…the Boston Globe review is even better. http://www.boston.co…een_and_scores/ Also….just search “crooked arrows” on twitter. Mostly good things said by a lot of tweens and even some older “parent” types. Too fun!

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